At Howard & Company, it is our view that successful companies are built on business discipline, teamwork and leadership. It is not enough to simply have a great idea. The idea needs to be validated, the vision created, the business model developed, the appropriate capability engaged, and the team aligned.

iAssess was created from capturing the knowledge and experience of the Howard & Company directors. Having worked with growing companies over 30 years, we have real clarity as to understanding and applying the critical success factors needed for a company to grow and flourish in a competitive market. The power of the tool comes from the way in which it measures and determines the alignment within an organisation, across all levels of staff. Without alignment on the status of the company, its market opportunity and the company’s capability, the ability to successfully execute its strategy will be significantly compromised.


iAssess is a highly intuitive diagnostic tool designed to evaluate an organisation across the key business functions, providing an insightful and comprehensive report that highlights the areas in which the business is strong and those areas which require attention and ongoing focus.

iAssess is a fully online, multi-person diagnostic tool with very detailed analysis.


If you are aligned as an organisation, how do you ensure you remain aligned?

If you are not aligned, what are the plans to achieve alignment and how do you measure progress along the way?

1. State of the market and demand within the market
2. Timing of market entry
3. Customers
4. Ability to reach customers
The sustainability and scalability of your competitive advantage.Having a clear vision and the long-term strategy to convert competitive advantage into commercial benefits.A strong management discipline to ensure economic value is maximised and tough decisions are taken.


Once an iAssess survey has been completed, a detailed results report will be generated.

The outcomes you can expect from this report include:

  1. Identifying the gaps in alignment between the board, management and employees
  2. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your ability to execute effectively on your business plan
  3. Identifying potential risks to your strategy
  4. Understanding how well you are communicating the vision across and within the teams
  5. Building specific projects to effectively correct issues
  6. Making better decisions on effective investments
  7. Moving towards a culture of high performance


We have the capability and experience to complement, critique and enhance internal initiatives resulting from iAssess.

We don’t pretend to know the best strategy for your organisation. We can, however, review the process undertaken to develop it, challenge the assumptions made within it and use our tool to determine whether your key stakeholders are aligned around it and have the skills to execute on it.

We can also provide proven capability to complement your existing resource to provide the necessary kick-start momentum and assist you in staying on track.