The Global Executive Leadership Programme (GELP) for 2013 is now underway.

Alex Morcom from the Howard & Company team is once again involved in the initiative, to further develop New Zealand’s international leadership capability and drive export revenues.

Howard & Company believes that GELP makes a real difference within New Zealand’s export business community, delivering an experimental learning opportunity for leaders of companies with high growth potential in global markets. The programme’s aim is to put New Zealand companies on a path of sustained international growth, by developing and enhancing the ambition, mind-set and capability of New Zealand business leaders.

GELP is delivered through a strong partnership formed by four organisations focused on the growth of our business leaders, and New Zealand: The University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, The ICEHOUSE and the internationally acclaimed Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Because of the partners involved, not only will participants engage with international experts and peers, but also a pre-eminent group of global educators, thought leaders and expert business pratcitioners. The programme also builds a strong executive peer network amongst the participants. It is a unique opportunity to use proven tools to assess both individual and organisational global capability. The programme provides a baseline to focus on the strengths a leader has currently, and the areas of risk for the organisation when making global growth investments.

This is one of the few opportunities available to fundamentally change New Zealand businesses, through developing the capability and confidence of its senior executives: To become true global thinkers and leaders of innovative organisations, capable of achieving sustained international growth. The tools and new skills integrated into an organisation during the programme will change culture, build new global leaders within the company for succession planning, and strengthen global growth strategy.

Candidate Profile:

Board members, CEO’s and individuals from the senior executive team are recruited from:

  • Those companies with an international focus, with branches and / or sales force in offshore locations.
  • Organisations supporting a sound company structure, with a reasonable level of maturity in the leadership team, and in the planning / strategy process.
  • Medium to large size organisations with a desire to accelerate growth and build value for New Zealand (ideally revenues in excess of $25m, but not mandatory).
  • Companies that have a focus on returning value back into New Zealand, to deliver on the “NZ Inc” vision.
  • Organisations with the ability to build and scale globally and to invest; supporting global expansion.