Howard & Company guides businesses in achieving their maximum New Zealand or International market potential.

Our team of directors have forged strong networks in the technology industry and all come from senior executive positions. They currently sit on various boards around New Zealand in both Chairman and Director roles.  The directors and their support staff have a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects.

We specialise in the high growth high tech sector and have strong expertise in strategy, governance, raising capital, market entry and commercial transactions. We’ve been there, and we understand the challenges you are facing. We have the business growth and international experience to support you to achieve your vision.


    Building a company is not just about the IP and product. It is also about scaling an entire business, building distribution, hiring and motivating sales teams, and taking full responsibility for the company P&L. We are here to support you commercially and provide guidance on funding, joint venturing and exit of your business.


    The Howard & Company team is industry seasoned, comprising experienced corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who have successfully taken companies from start up to scale to exit. We have an innate understanding of the challenges of growing and shaping a successful technology business.


    Building and scaling a technology company takes perseverance, patience, and stamina. Skills to demonstrate include acceptance to change, listening to those around you, and being able to view the bigger picture even when you are focused on the detail. We are highly focused on reaching the best outcome and results for our clients in every engagement.


    Our reporting is designed to evaluate an organisation across key business functions. It provides an insightful and comprehensive report that highlights both strong and weak areas.

We place a strong emphasis on collaboration. Our aim is to complement and mentor your existing resource and talent, which will enable you to build the resilience and strength to deliver on the aspirations that you have for your team and organisation.

You will find our service style to be high energy, competitive, focused and personal. We like to win and we will work with you to win.

With us, communication is direct – we’ll tell it how it is.

You can expect from us:

  • A commitment to achieving the best possible, tangible outcomes
  • Transparent accountability throughout the engagement
  • Service delivery focused on teamwork and collaboration
  • A high energy, competitive approach to achieving your goals
  • Extensive networks within the technology and telecommunication markets