The Howard & Company Disruption Advisory Service consists of a unique strategic framework designed to assist established organisations who have a high-level realisation that technology-led innovation has the potential to disrupt their incumbent position, but have no detailed assessment of the new risk and opportunity landscape, nor a strategy for how to organise their response.

This framework is built to guide a company through five critical areas in a simple, clear and practical manner.  It recognises that new and different skills are required at each stage of the process, and that a key dimension is managing the inherent tension of innovating at the same time as you run a successful business.

The response strategy is also a catalyst to quickly begin the process of building your company’s future in the face of a competitive landscape that is being significantly altered by new disruptive technologies.

The strategy recognises that innovation is a continuous process, not an idea, and that a response strategy is based on leadership, not a project. The process that is followed provides the discipline to ensure that your response is enabled by the scarcest of corporate resources – time and focus.